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Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

HELLLLLO! I know I've been a bad blogger lately, and I've been slacking on posts. I'm sorry.  I've eaten more takeout in the past week than I did last year (almost)....and I am NOT a takeout girl. Just so that you understand how busy I have been, other than working full time and going to school full time, here's the scoop:

We've re-arranged our living room.....

Added a seating area (excuse Cooper's lampshade collar- he likes to chew his tail)...

And framed some of our favorite wedding pics. :)

That's just one room. Check out the master bathroom yesterday...

Complete with a toilet in our shower...joy.

I should be able to finish up that project tonight (fingers crossed!), so stay tuned tomorrow for more tomorrow.

In addition, you may remember this little project that we've been working on...

Here it is as of 6pm yesterday.

We still have to add another bag of jointing sand and spray the patio to make the sand lock, but it's almost finished. Check out the difference the sand makes!

That patio was a beast. Over 200 square feet...with only 2 people. My legs and feet were killing me last night! I didn't even get pictures of the yard work (that was all Jeff), but we bagged 7 contractor sized bags of leaves, branches, etc, from the back yard. It has been a big week at our house....

I did manage to make a simple, yummy appetizer for us on Friday night before the work started. This has become my absolute favorite app. It's so easy, somewhat spicy (not bad thought), creamy and delicious. This is all you need...

I picked up these beautiful pappadew peppers in the bulk olive bar at Whole Foods. They are a tad bit spicy, a little sweet, and slighty pickled. I could easily eat this entire container.

Latey, I'm loving keeping my herbs in glasses by the sink. Cute, huh?

Simply mix together some goat cheese, parsley, and black pepper in a small dish. Then stuff the pepper and chill until you're ready to serve. They are great cold or at room temperature!

I'm picking up some more today.....they just might be my dinner tonight! I'm in love :)


10 pappadew peppers (in the bulk olive bar)

1/2 cup goat cheese

2 tbs minced parsley

1/2 tsp pepper

Mix last three ingredients in a small bowl and evenly stuff peppers. Chill until ready to serve. Can be at room temperature. 

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Beth,
I am a friend of Kelly's here in Minneapolis. I love your blog! I have made a few things from it and they were all delicious! I made these recently-yum!! i'm planning to make them again soon for a party. Just wanted to say hi and that I relaly enjoy your blog! :)

June 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAli Faricy

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